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I am so excited to welcome you to the Phi Mu Zeta Gamma chapter Website! Considering going Greek is the best decision you will ever make. You will find academic support, thriving philanthropic attitudes, leadership opportunities, social events, and lifelong sisters. Deciding to go Greek changed my world so I will share my journey with you.

When I went through recruitment, I did not know what to expect. But, what I found was better than anything I could have ever even imagined. On my bid day as soon as I got to the front yard, Phi Mu instantly opened its world to me. I never felt so loved, welcomed, or wanted in my entire life. I am from Plymouth Minnesota which is 7 hours away from Lincoln and my new sisters made the transition almost effortless as Phi Mu quickly became my home away from home. It was clear my name was on a dorm room door, Smith 202 to be exact, but it was never as warm and comfortable. It was never home like the Phi Mu house was. It was just a stop along the way, not the destination. On bid day I remember thinking the house was a giant castle and I was so lost as I followed my future big through the winding hallways. But, she told me not to worry because one day I would know it like the back of my hand, and she was so right. I now know it inside out and it is not just a castle, it is my castle that I share with my amazing irreplaceable sisters. 

Phi Mu is based on three ideals: Love, Honor and Truth. I live day by day by these ideals and to honor my founders. My sisters and I strive to excel in academics. We study together and cheer each other on. We work hard to help others and to be philanthropic. This past spring, we came together to raise over $20,000 for Children’s Miracle Network through Dance Marathon and were the top raising chapter on campus. We also host two philanthropies per year and volunteer together which is a blast. We encourage leadership and provide numerous opportunities to do so. Phi Mu fosters growth and inspires women to be the best that they can be. I have grown so much during my time here and am so thankful to have the opportunity to be President and give back to the chapter that has given me so much.

When it gets down to it, it is not just Phi Mu itself that has come to mean the world to me, it is the sisters that have come into my life because of it. I have truly found my best friends. The ones that will be in my wedding, the godparents of my children, and the ones I will still be vacationing with even when I am 80. They are truly my sisters. There are many that I even talk to every day all day. I know they woke up at 9:23am and then how many steps they took to go craft and what playlist they listened to for two hours. They know my secrets and what I’m scared of. They know what makes me happy and how to make me smile when I am sad. I cry when they cry and I am in a good mood when they are in a good mood. They have become a part of me just as I have become a part of them. 

Phi Mu is the love of my life. Take a look around the website to get a glimpse into our world and what we stand for. I cannot put into words how remarkable Greek Life really is and I never truly understood it until I became a part of it. I never realized how relevant this quote was until I saw Greek Life from the inside: “From the outside looking in you cannot understand it. From the inside looking out you cannot explain it.” And with that, I encourage you to find out what Greek Life is like for yourself and to begin your own story.


Love in Phi Mu’s Bond,

Rachel Hruza

Chapter President 

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